Get a Handle on Handel in 2:70 - PREVIEW

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Get a Handle on Handel in 2:70 - PREVIEW
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Get A Handle on Handel in Just 2min 70sec!

These vocalizes are designed to help you navigate your way through the dizzying roulades* of the Choral Masterworks one encounters in the works of Handel, Bach, Haydn, and Mozart.

When one is in rehearsal, sight reading these long passages is tricky. They have many twists.

The quickest way to learn a long run is to break it down into smaller segments until you see which direction the melody line is taking. In the first sequence you will see/hear that you vocalize on only three notes. The next sequence will also vocalize on three notes but they will go in reverse order. By the time you've reached the ninth vocalize, you will have encountered all of the variations.

There are other benefits to vocalizing in this way:

  • Your breath management is immediately alerted
  • Your eye/ear coordination sharpens
  • Your begin to enjoy these florid passages
  • Use a vowel of your choice, e,i,a,o,u
  • It's an amusing and fun way to learn
There are many ways of expressing a many noted musical sequence, we decided to use them all: roulade, run, melisma, florid phases.  Each of these vocalizes are about 30 seconds long. There is a one bar introduction to the sequence to assist the singer in knowing what direction the melody takes. The contemporary accompaniment changes with each sequence which makes warming up and learning the melisma less tedious.

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