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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 8. On The Air We Flow

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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 8. On The Air We Flow
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To appreciate how the airflow and vowels affect the resonance of the voice, to practice singing pure vowels and to expand one's capacity to adjust to unusual intervals and rhythms.

What to listen for:

Listen to the interplay of instruments and voices. Make sure to check that you are singing the correct pitches.

Practical application:

Let the belly soften and the back open each time your inhale. The more you practice this pattern of breathing, the more readily it will come to you. You may find that you already do so when speaking — serenely and easily. Expand your musical horizons with unusual intervals. Also, learn to sing on the vowels. Resonance and the quality of the voice are carried to the listener primarily through vowels. Learning to concentrate your practice on vowels will greatly enhance your ability to project your voice. To learn how to sing legato (i.e. smoothly), think of the air flowing through the consonants into the vowels. Please observe that when you sing the word 'flow' the sound resonates mainly on the 'a' vowel. There is nothing for the sound to hang onto or resonate with when you say 'fl'. It takes a vowel sound to carry your voice to the listener's ear. Voice teachers spend a lot of time working on vowel sounds for this reason, it is ultimately what the audience hears.

Listen to a sample:

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