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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 7. a la Marchesi

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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 7. a la Marchesi
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Ear training, pitch accuracy, flexibility, and singing in contrasting styles. Mathilde Marchesi was one of the significant 19th century voice teachers from that Golden Age of Singing known as the Bel Canto. Bel canto means beautiful singing. She wrote exercises such as this one for her students. However, I'm sure she never considered that it could be morphed into a jazz feel, especially since the genre we call jazz hadn't yet developed. In my opinion, you get the best of both worlds here — a classical warm-up, learning to sing in a major and then a minor key (great ear training), and then scat improv in both major and minor keys. Follow along with the guide vocals or choose your own scat syllables. With this exercise, you have an opportunity to show off your classical voice and quickly switch to jazz. These contrasting styles require different ways of using your voice. The operatic style requires a more fully resonant sound including vibrato, whereas in jazz vocals, a more speech like quality is appreciated and vibrato is used only in solo work.

What to listen for:

Listen to the same singers change their approach quickly from a classical style of singing to a jazz style.

Practical application:

Becoming a versatile vocalist will greatly enhance your marketability.

Listen to a sample:

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