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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 6. Sha-Na-Na-Na

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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 6. Sha-Na-Na-Na
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Ear training and part-singing. Pick a part, any part and let yourself have some fun. Once a part is learned switch to another one and try holding your own. Sopranos, put yourself in a higher octave and you can even sing the bass line. Basses, go to your falsetto voice and sing the upper harmonies. The falsetto voice is a very important part of the male voice. I advise you to warm it up and be playful with it so that there is no tension in your throat. Pop, rock, blues, musical theater and yes, even opera singers use the male falsetto. Note that the bass line is doing staccato phrases that allow for belly bounces, the upper harmonies work on frontal articulation and the lead line invites you to show some vocal personality.

What to listen for:

The guide vocals demonstrate each part before the lead line comes in. First you'll hear the bass line repeated twice, then the other voices enter one at a time with the tenor voice on the b natural, the alto singing the d and the soprano with the g. You can learn to sing a different part each time you use the album. Note that the lead line is exhibited with four different voice types. The two verses are repeated once. Put your own spin on it and add different lyrics.

Practical application:

Learn to read music. The advantage studio musicians have is that they are quick to pick up new parts and the best ones read music well. You also learn to hold your own part against other harmonies and when you sing lead, show off your personality.

Listen to a sample:

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