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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 4. Sing! Praise! Glory!

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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 4. Sing! Praise! Glory!
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This exercise teaches you how to manage your air for different attacks or onsets of the pitch and dynamics. You should be able to feel the activation of your abdominal muscles when you start the 's' in sing, the 'p' in praise and the 'g' in glory. Be sure to keep the throat muscles soft when singing either loud or soft. Common errors are to shut the throat in order to sing softer and to use throat muscles to sing louder. Your voice will not have a beautiful quality if you proceed this way. Instead, keep the throat soft so that the air does the work. This is what breath control or breath management means. This exercise is also useful for expanding vocal range. However, if the pitch becomes too high for you, don't strain. Instead, drop down an octave until your breathing muscles and throat muscles are more able to coordinate. As you've probably noticed, we have put a variety of musical styles on this album. You will probably find some exercises more to your liking than others. In my opinion, there is nothing more fun and fulfilling to sing than gospel music. If you feel the same, I'm sure you will enjoy this one.

What to listen for:

Notice that sometimes the men go into a head voice or falsetto as the pitch goes higher. Some of the men and women dropped an octave so they wouldn't strain their voice. Also listen to examples of possible improvisations.

Practical application:

Improvisation is the name of the game in most popular music and jazz. Gospel music is a genesis for Blues and R&B and has inspired many personal styles in song. Take a chance and have fun.

Listen to a sample:

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