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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 2. Bloy-di-ga-wo

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I'm Vocalizing! 2 - Lesson 2. Bloy-di-ga-wo
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To develop and extend the lower register and help singers (especially women) develop singing tones in their speaking voice register associated with 'belting'. Check to make sure the muscles surrounding your throat are soft as you sing lower pitches. Do not reach DOWN for them with your throat. It is OK in this exercise - or any of the ones to follow - to gently feel around the throat and under the chin for excessive tension. Make sure you don't throw your head back while doing this. The goal is to keep the muscles that run along side the throat as soft as possible. This exercise also focuses on diphthongs. "Diphthongs" are two pure vowels put together. The word 'why' sounds like 'wah-eel. If the word falls on a note that has two beats a country singer may move quickly to the second half of the diphthong, wah-EE, and will therefore spend more time on EE. Classical singers invariably favor the first half of the diphthong - WAH-ee and will spend a longer duration on Wah before going to ee. One can also sing the vowels of the diphthong in more equal length, such as a jazz, pop, or musical theatre singer might do. The diphthongs used in this exercise are oy (o-ee), why (wah-ee) and way (way-ee or wei-ee).

What to listen for:

A single male and female begin, with added voices in the fifth bar. Later on, the tenor sings an octave higher (sopranos also have this option if the range is too low). All singers should be able to sing in the same octave by the tune's mid-point. Strive to hear and sing the pitches correctly. The first interval is a whole step, the second a minor third. You will hear voices improvising in the background. Let yourself experiment with improvisations of your own.

Practical application:

Women in pop and musical theatre who sing in their lower range are called "belters". This exercise focuses and strengthens the voice for belting. The funky pop style provides good ear training for everyone.

Listen to a sample:

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